About Us

Worldsindia (ISO 9001-2015 Company) is a web-based trading organization that will give you a medium where you can associate with your potential purchasers and merchants. We have assorted a range of business suppliers to our website from where you can pick your preferred organization and individuals for your own business. Our Parent Company is Web Intermesh Pvt. Ltd.
Worldsindia connects you to like-minded people and businesses worldwide to help expand your community and business. We give you certified worldwide market Information so that, you can do reasonable comparison and examination of price quotes versus quality and choose the one that best accommodates your objectives. We also have in-built SEO on the website that helps optimize your posted material and increases your outreach to both national and international buyers and suppliers.
We associate you to the worldwide purchasers and merchants with the insight of most recent trending ideas.

Worldsindia is the next-generation B2B portal created for joining the paths of like-minded individuals to unlock new avenues of Business Development for their organizations.

Worldsindia can be not just beneficial for you in terms of increasing your revenue but it also helps you mark a significant presence in the industry. We give you market information that is certified and help you have a detailed analysis about an examination of price quotes versus quality and choose the one that best accommodates your objectives. We also have in-built SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on the website that helps optimize your target audience and makes you reach the right people. It is a significant way of ensuring your presence in both national and international markets.

Worldsindia helps you stay relevant with ongoing market trends which helps target your leads better and contributes to your overall knowledge about the domain. We associate with you merchants worldwide so your business network increases and so does your expertise.

The Most Lucrative B2B Portal In India

The size of your business is something that remains invalid at Worldsindia. It doesn't matter if you are a micro, small, medium or large organization we have tie-ups that help you irrespective of your size. We are associated with some of the giants in advanced B2B advertising platforms. Along with this, we bring to the table our experience and proficiency that will satisfy all your needs.

We have packages for every range of investments. One thing we assure you of is you getting results in-tune with your investment. We assure you, that with Worldsindia your network and business are bound to grow.

Mark Your Presence, Begin Today!

We believe, our expertise and tie-ups in the B2B industry are significant enough to showcase the potential we with hold for your business. Worldsindia is dedicated to bringing its partners the desired results. We believe our growth is completely associated with yours and we intend to grow every day.

Mark your presence not just in domestic but international markets and ensure growth for your business. Join Worldsindia and unlock new avenues of growth for your business today!

Trust & Convenience Of Our Clients Is Our Motto

  • * Connect With The Genuine People. We believe in connecting you with genuine people and genuine businesses.
  • * Mark Your Presence Internationally We ensure you are not just a domestic player anymore, we ensure you get an international spotlight.
  • * We believe in you and your business which is why the first step is on us. With us create your business profile for free.
  • * Support That Is Always Present We ensure you are never alone if and when a problem arises. We provide 24X7 support throughout the year.
  • * Taking The Leap Of Convenience For anytime support and updates on your profile keep us in your pockets and just a few taps away with our mobile app.

Worldsindia a Portal For The Leaders Of Tomorrow

The road to success starts with a simple step and with Worldsindia you don't just take a step you take a leap towards success. We understand the challenges faced by a B2B organization which is how we have cutting-edge, innovative solutions for each of our clients. With Worldsindia you are in good hands.

We believe in contributing to the leaders of tomorrow and ensure our services help you achieve your goal sooner. With Worldsindia you grow your business and network and decrease your chances of failure. Ensure success, create a profile today for free!

Globalization is The Way To Grow

The competition is increasing every day and with us, you stay at the top of your game and you stay up-to-date. We assure your relevance in the market by marking your presence to a wider set of audiences that is also relevant to you. We map this audience with the help of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ensure you are not just visible in the domestic market but make your presence internationally.

Go global with us and eventually grow your business into a multinational. Grow significantly, grow globally with Worldsindia. Have a network of clients all over the globe and grow into new horizons. Build a network that breaks all barriers and helps you become a leader in your industry. A journey of a million miles begins with a single step, register on Worldsindia today and create a profile for free!

Our Mission:

Our mission at Worldsindia is to deliver the highest quality of work for our clients. The satisfaction of our clients is of utmost priority to us, we achieve this through building trust and inculcating transparency in our business model.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to become the number one B2B portal for businesses and help them make a mark not just in domestic markets but international ones.

Our Commitment:

We take pride in the results that we reap for each of our clients irrespective of the size of their business. We achieve the desired results in due time and help businesses come on their front foot and perform in global markets.


Our collaborations with world-class B2B advertising firms, knowledge about the market and SEO help us deliver the best to each one of our clients. We have a network that helps you expand and grow your business from day 1.

Our Team:

We have a dedicated workforce of over a hundred employees spread across 2 offices across the national capital region of India, Delhi-NCR. We have offices in Tilak Nagar and Noida.

Why choose us?

The reasons for choosing us can be one of many, but what we assure of is we deliver on each of our projects heartedly as we truly believe our growth is associated with the growth of our clients. Some of the points why we believe we are winning hearts and businesses every day are the following:

* Transparency in the system is the essence of Worldsindia , our foundation is to provide all the relevant information to our clients and deliver desired results without hassle.

* Convenience, we understand that business operations today need to be in tune with the fast-paced world which is why our network is accessible from any time anywhere. Be it a laptop or a mobile phone we are equipped to cater for you in any part of the world.

* We take pride in our associations with top B2B advertising platforms that help us deliver the desired results for our clients and enable them to achieve new heights.

* Our knowledge and expertise in SEO help us gain the right traction for businesses and makes them recognizable at an international level.