Worldsindia invites you to India's esteemed web data and info sharing system. Authentic data sharing and usage are the prime goals of YOUR WEBSITE that makes our business an epitome of dependability and reliable undertakings. So as to develop bonafide business connection with you we want to share an insight concerning our terms and conditions before you proceed further:


Terms and Conditions:


  • Worldsindia gathers data from its enrolled clients, guest under specific conditions and understandings. Individual or Personal data just as business data can be shared/kept discreet according to the mutual understandings.

  • All the data, administrations, programming, archives and materials accessible on or kept up by Worldsindia are exposed to the terms and conditions characterized by user(s) understandings.

  • Worldsindia holds the privilege to change/alter the terms and conditions anytime in regards to the earlier data to the concerned partners and it will be effective as soon as updated. Prior notice shall be sent to the user(s) via email/SMS/chosen form of communication.

  • Utilization of all the data, administrations and materials showed in our site ought to be according to the proposed rules.

  • Disregard of characterized terms and condition may result into end of the client participation or approval.

  • Worldsindia doesn't partake in the understanding landed at by the user(s) with any outsider. It's the sole obligation of the user(s) to check the validity of any outsider business exchange.

  • Counterfeiting or abusing of substance and data transferred on Worldsindia will be treated as hostile practice and fundamental activity might be started against the user(s) according to the terms and conditions.

  • Worldsindia doesn't propose/prescribe you to proceed with a particular business occasion of any individual or association without checking the profundity in detail. We transfer just broad kind of data.

  • By no means Worldsindia is subject for any harm caused in your business exchange. It is the client's sole duty to look at the honesty and legitimacy with respect to advance business.

  • Worldsindia holds all selective right/approval to secure the data/material/administrations/substance/item under concerned copyright law and other licensed innovation right laws. Duplicating of any data/material/administrations/substance/item would be subject to lawful action under copyright infringement laws.


Important Note: All the inquiries will be removed consequently from the website following 1 year from the date of receipt.

Guarantee/ Warranty

Guarantee, Warranty and disclaimers barring what is given in the written and mutually agreed contract between you and Worldsindia. All material and administrations on this website are without any sort of guarantee/warranty either enunciated however not bound to the guarantees/warranties of business relationship or reasonableness for a circumspect explanation. With no limiting to the earlier mentioned T&C, Worldsindia gives no guarantee that:


  • The administrations and materials would be carefully in understanding to your necessities.

  • No issue/fault, security, non-interference and convenient execution of administrations and materials.

  • Exactness, adequacy and dependability of administrations and materials and administrations.

  • Prompt revision of any product mistake isn't ensured by Worldsindia.

  • Some conditions or locale don't allow of obscure guarantees or confinements on the term when guarantee would last. Along these lines the previously mentioned restrictions may not concern you to the degree acceptable. Please note any inferred guarantee would confine to a most extreme span of 90 (ninety days) only.

  • Significance and accuracy of information/data isn't ensured by Worldsindia.

  • Worldsindia isn't responsible for any mistake, incomplete data, and altering of data/record/materials.

  • This site conceivably will involve specialized mistakes, inaccuracy, composing or different blunders, and the responsibility is to be held by individual businesses/data posters.

  • Under no situation Worldsindia and its partners would be at risk for any outsider for any extraordinary, disciplinary, going with, aberrant or pivotal harm of any sort

  • Worldsindia isn't liable for any harm to your PC framework or information mishap while downloading any data from this website. Client would be exclusively responsible for any and each sort of technical problem or information mishap.

  • The connections existing on this website are not in control of Worldsindia, consequently we don't advocate, represent to or recommend any of them. Right of passage of these connections isn't leveled out of Worldsindia; in this manner we are not liable for any sort of accuracy and unwavering quality of data/actualities accessible on non-Worldsindia.

  • Worldsindia has international outreach and is utilized in different nations hence it might contain such products, projects or administrations, which are not publicized or available in your nation.

All payments for services at Worldsindia.com  have to be made in favour of "Web Intermesh Pvt. Ltd."   only. We have not authorized any individual or organization to collect payments in any other name (i.e. any other individual or organization name) or via personal Western Union or personal Paypal Accounts for any services rendered by Worldsindia.com  You are informed that under no circumstances will Worldsindia.com  be liable for any damage caused in your business transaction to such fraudulent individuals or organizations